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34 years old with high sense of responsibility and commitment bilingual with English as a second language experience in customer service and sales, exp in administrative area and employee management as well

Team leader
Project Manager
Accounting & payroll
Hiring manager
Retention specialist
Client management

I’ve been working online for more than 3 years from Venezuela I use a 4g BAM device to have a proper internet connection my English level I would say is 80% as I’m better speaking it than writing it I’ve done many things working remotely:

Wagering Clerk: Answering Inbound calls from customers in the states who want to place wagers I had to read the lines for the customer and place the bet for them also there are many different types of wager such as parlays, Football Teasers, etc. I had to learn all teams from all kind of sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, horse racing and so on

Customer service representative: for a trial continuity call center doing retention answering Inbound calls from customers in the states, Canada, Australia who wanted to know the status of their account i had to locate their account read them their account status explain Terms & Conditions accepted by the customer when they sign up i also did account cancelations, reshipment’s, provide discounts and even give refunds if the issue was escalated

Recruiting: for an outsourcing company such as yours looking for the perfect fit to fill the client needs such as CSRs, Telemarketers, Sales Agents, Graphic Designers, Content Writer’s, Web developers, Video editors, Virtual assistants

Team Leader: as a team leader my main job was to manage and push the team to achieve the goals in time, keep Morale as high as possible and push the team to do better every day

Hiring Manager: Main duty was to do the Final interviews to all incoming new staff to ensure the company was hiring the right person for the job

QA Manager: Ensure the agents follow the right procedure during the calls, ensure there was really low % of claims from the clients in regards to call handling

Project Management:
In my first project manager task, i had to manage a group of developers to create a Form that the agents of the call center would fill during the calls then we designed a website where the QA staff would score the agent calls and provide feedback to the agents plus coaching

2nd job I was assigned as a project manager of many different telemarketing campaigns I had to handle the client’s need’s and manage the staff to ensure the team’s achieved their respective Goal’s

EZ Deals: in this campaign we had 1 lead generator who was in charge of finding clients for the company, 1 developer that created the website and the form for the clients to put the credit cardsto sign up and not only that i mean this company had no website it was from the scratch and 1 Graphic designer who makes the designs for each client.

Vmix: This was a Development campaign we mainly had developers and a project manager with them it was focused on WordPress and ad the end of the contract we designed an android app for phones.

Car Freight: this car freight company was focused on Dominican Repubic we had on this company 2 virtual assistants who performed daily tasks and 3 telemarketers in charge of warm & cold call prospect’s so they would enroll and close the deal.

Aaric Insurance : Telemarketing campaign with 2 agents calling nelder people to offer them a better MEDICARE progam the agent where supposed to set appoinments for the field agents to go to thir houses and advise them on how to imptove their program.

CASA ENERGY: Solar panels campaign we had 3 agents main duty was to qualify the lead and get them interested in asetting a appointment for the field agent
Require info

Spouse info/
Phone number(s)/
Email Address(s)/
Solar coverage verified through maps and verbally/
All decision makers present at the appointment/
Average Power bill higher than $85 /
Extra notes/
Route/Schedule notes/
Interest Level 1 to 10?

Chrome Payments: creddit card processing campaign with 3 agents main duty get to the CFO or the person that that handles and iffer thema better CC processing fee setting up an appointment or doing a warm transfer to their VP of sales Chris

Water Warehouse: 3 appoinmnet setters main duty set up an appoinment to recieve a free water test so the field agent would go thee perform the water test and offer the company water filters

Arpwave: Medical telemarketing campaign with 4 agents main duty call private clinics asking short questions to create a database ig possible clients

Operations Manager: Main duty ensure that the whole operation(Staffforhalf) was running smoothly, Solve any issues that might appear and be proactive always planning ways to make the company better also deliver invoices to the clients and do payroll to the staff

PC Specs Icore3 2,3Ghz 4gb memory ram and 250gb hard drive got, headset with mic, and in the case of a power outage depending on my role i could use my phone to keep going it has 4g internet speed as well as 16gb internal memory and 3gb of memory Ram

my Skype ID is live:carloslugoaku you will find me over there as Charlie Lugo


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